Please, read carefully the terms before placing a commission:
Commission Form

  • Payments will be always done via Paypal in Euros or USD. I will send you a money request once you fill the Google Form.
  • Payments must full done before I start the piece.
  • The order in which I do the commissions is by the order in which I receive the requests and the payments.
  • I just paint pets, wildlife and fantastic creatures, it/they can be your OC's. I don't do people or mechas.
  • The more references you send me the better. You can also send me a brief text describing your character or the feeling you want the illustration to transmit. If I have any questions about your commission I will send you an email.
  • The only form of contact I use is email. Please, write to me only through my social accounts if I don't answer you by mail.
  • Commercial use of the paintings is not permitted. If you're interested in a piece for commercial purposes please send me an email.
  • I do not do refunds.
  • I can use images of your commission for promotional purposes. I will also post these in my social media accounts.

  • You're paying for an original A5 size painting that will be sent to you once it's finished alongside a digital file. This painting included just one animal.
  • Paintings may have small stains or pencil marks, these are unavoidable and is part of the charm of original works.
  • I will send you a sketch before start the final piece. You can ask for 3 small changes on the sketch phase, but not after the painting is started/finished.


  • You're paying for just one animal. Each additional one costs +50€.
  • You're ordering a digital piece. The size of the file is A3 (42x29,7cm). You can print it if you want to. I also can send you the printed image for +30€.
  • I will send you a sketch before start the final piece. You can ask for 3 small changes once it's finished but mayor changes will cost extra. Once the image is finished I will send you a pdf and a png image via email.
  • It could take me between 1-6 months to finish the illustration once I recieved your form, it depends in your order in the commission queue, I will send you an email in case this occurs.

More examples of my digital pieces: